Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Soup Feb 5th 3pm in L.A.

Come to Book Soup in L.A. to hear some lovemagick writers read their work! Feb 5th @3 pm

Francesca Lia Block
Jeni McKenna
Margo Valentine
Natasha Maidoff
Melissa Moore
Diane Sherry Case
Anais Chartschenko
Ezekiel Grahn
Meghan Brown
Laura Drdek
Steve De Jarnatt
John Skipp
Natalie Case
Aurora Gray
Michael Phan
Miela Siy
Alise Hamilton
paul macirowski


  1. Just a suggestion to the readers, beg and plead to read before Francesca. I had the pleasure/privelege of watching her read and answer questions this summer at the Cambridge Public Library where she had an entire auditorium full of people charmed in less than a few minutes. I wouldn't want to have to follow that... ;-)

  2. thanks mika but everyone was so charming and amazing. you must contribute art to our next venture? xoxox